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Happy Birthday To Me!

I am celebrating my 92nd birthday. I’ve waited a long while for this occasion, meanwhile leaving many friends and classmates behind.

Us old folks like to talk about our aches and pains. My pacemaker battery was about to quit so I had a new one installed, which is supposed to last 7½ years. Guess I’ll have to live to about age 100 to get my money’s worth!

COVID-19 kept me in the “Birmingham Jail” last year, until the vaccine shot gave me a pardon; so this had been a good year. Bradford and Tanya are taking me to Ruth’s Chris Steak House to celebrate my 92nd. How good can it get?

Bradford is working hard to get my book of poems published before October 16th, the Rogers Reunion date. We plan to have a book signing on the creek side behind the Frog Level Brewery on Friday October 15th. See you all then!

With Bradford and Tanya at birthday dinner. I’m holding a draft of my next book (of poems).


  1. So glad to find this and know for sure that you are still kicking. Happy Belated Birthday. I turned 70 in June. Hope you hit that 100 mark and I’m still around too. Vicki Ivey

    • Hey Vicky, good hearing from you. Had a great book signing for my 4th book yesterday. Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch.

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