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Ep. 43 – Mark Twain and Mary Jane and the Messy Mallards

My son Bradford went to the Miami Boat Show this week for his How Not To Sail podcast and blog…and while he was there, he met up with my brother Mark, and my nephew Doug and my niece Sandy’s husband Jeff.

That led me to think about this week’s podcast episode…

Ep. 11 – Mark Twain and Mary Jane

Ray tells about the arrival of his baby brother and sister, Mark Twain Rogers and Mary Jane Rogers. Show Notes

You Light Up My Life

Tom Sawyer was softly singing “You Light Up My Life” as he carried the large chunk of rotting wood into the tunnel that he was digging.  Well, maybe not. This GRAMMY® winning tune sung by Debby Boone did not hit the charts until 1977. Tom had no electricity to furnish light for his tunnel construction and a torch sucked the oxygen from his environment.  Besides, a torch lasted too long. So what could Tom do? (more…)

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