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Father’s Day Visit To Atlanta

I left the Clayburn in Starkville, Mississippi and headed toward Atlanta to have a Father’s Day visit with Bradford. The mimosa trees were blooming in (more…)

A Boy And His Dog

A boy and his dog. A simple phrase that conjures Norman Rockwell paintings of The Good Old Days.

A boy throwing a stick and his dog fetching it. A boy teaching his dog to shake hands. A boy and his dog asleep huddled together on the back seat of a car on a long trip.

Bradford and I were taking a walk out in the county near Gainesville. By chance we met a farmer (more…)

The Bridge Over Big Creek

When our son Bradford was about 2½ half years old we lived on Mount Olive Drive. We had a nice shady backyard with a little branch (that’s what we called a small creek back in the mountains of Western North Carolina) running through the back side of the lot. When it rained, a lot of water rushed down this little stream.

The yard on the other side of the creek had never been developed, since to gain access to this area you’d have to (more…)

Where The Fat is At!

It was around 1996 and I was alone in San Francisco taking care of business for NASFA. I was on the Board of Directors of the National Association of State Farm Agents.

It came to my attention via the Concierge at my hotel that (more…)

Fort Bradford

On this Father’s Day, it’s hard for me to believe that the little guy I built the fort for is the same fellow that grew up to go sailing to Cuba this year… But here’s the story of the fort I built for Bradford.

It seems that the time comes in the life of young boys when (more…)

Musings of a Writer

Recently my son Bradford Rogers, owner of Worldsongs, Inc. and publisher of my book Depression Baby, asked me to do a podcast with him. He asked me the question “How did you get started writing?” I had never given this a lot of thought. (more…)

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