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The Little Procedure at St. Mary’s

For years, Dr. Boxer was surprised that the cataract in my right eye had not matured enough to require removal. But here I am with nine decades behind me lying in this 6’ x 10’ little stall waiting for Dr. Demarco to do the cataract procedure.

Two nurses asked me “Why are you here?” I told the first one “I thought you knew.” Of course they were just verifying that we were all on the same page so that they didn’t do something drastic like cutting off the wrong leg. 

Dr. Demarco asked me the same question, just before he marked my face. Just being thorough.


They hooked me up to drip something feel-good into my veins so that I would have “no pain, no strain”. A short time later, I heard Dr. Demarco say to the nurses “That looks good, that looks good.” Comforting words.

So here I am a week later back in Athens, GA for the post operative exam and everything was still “looking good.”

Oh yes, I almost forgot. When I first opened my eyes after the procedure, I noted that the overhead lights were pink. I made a mental note “Geez, I came to St. Mary’s for a cataract procedure and come away with the “pink-eye”. Golly damn!

P.S. Not to worry — the pink lights soon disappeared.

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  1. Glad to hear all is well Ray!

  2. Roger Ray Baldwin

    January 14, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    After 90 years – Life is still an adventure. Be well Good Friend. Roger in Tennessee

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