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Periodically we’ll have a little segment like today’s for listener questions, news, or special bonus material. Today we’re answering a common listener question about how to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

How To Subscribe on Itunes

If you’ve already subscribed on iTunes, you may want to skip ahead…but this may be a good time to mention again that if you’re enjoying the podcast, your 5-star rating, and in particular, your nice review along with it on iTunes can make the difference in getting these stories in front of many, many more folks and help preserve this disappearing mountain heritage. Also, you can help by looking at the show settings and making sure each episode is set to download automatically. They don’t take up much space, and they usually get booted from your phone 24 hours after you listen, so not to worry!

(By the way, we have these instructions on the website at Or just click on the menu item that says Podcast.)

Now a quick note, you’ll need to have iTunes to subscribe this way, but every Apple or Mac device, and a number or Windows devices will have iTunes…and if you’re on Android, we’ll be hooking you up shortly.

ANYway, to subscribe on iTunes and have each episode waiting for you on your device or computer, just look on for the little audio player.

You should see several little buttons or icons along the bottom of the player, and the one on the left that looks like a dot with some kind of radio waves coming out, just click on that. You’ll see a choice for iTunes and a couple of other options.

Just click on iTunes if you have iTunes (and that’s what we recommend). It should open up iTunes on your mobile device or computer. You may see an option to “Open in iTunes,” or else you should see the show page with the subscription link right there.

That’s pretty much it. Follow the instructions, and if you have any trouble, just go to for the step-by-step.

Thanks so much again for listening to Depression Baby, please don’t forget if you’re enjoying the podcast to leave a nice review…and let us know you did…and we’ll see you shortly with the next episode of Depression Baby.

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