There is a time that comes in the life of most people. A time to downsize, to pass on to others things that you have cherished.

This time was realized on the recent trip Lucy and I made to North Carolina. I was privileged to meet with the new minister, Rev. James Marsh, of Mt. Zion Methodist church at Crabtree, North Carolina.

We like to call this our Rogers family church. A few years ago I acquired a page from the Rogers or Matthews/Tyndale Bible, which was the official Bible of England during the reign of Edward VI.

Rev. Marsh is a history buff and loved the history that surrounds this document. Amazingly, it fit right in with the series of sermons that he had planned. It was as if this was meant to happen.

I have written a story on how this treasure of our Christian heritage came to us and I will look forward to going to Crabtree to see bit of history posted somewhere in the Mt Zion Church.

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