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Ep. 44 – The Circle Of Rice

In this episode Ray talks about an accident that nearly caused a family tragedy.


Ep. 43 – Mark Twain and Mary Jane and the Messy Mallards

My son Bradford went to the Miami Boat Show this week for his How Not To Sail podcast and blog…and while he was there, he met up with my brother Mark, and my nephew Doug and my niece Sandy’s husband Jeff.

That led me to think about this week’s podcast episode…

Summer Vacation Bible School

Well, I suppose I’m a Methodist born and a Methodist bred, since both my mother and my father were Methodist. Show Notes

Ep. 41 – Thumbing

Most people don’t hitchhike these days…but we did it all the time when I was coming along… Show Notes

Christmas Greetings from Ray

A special Christmas Hello and update from “The Little White House” in Winston County, Mississippi. Show Notes

Ep. 36 – The Lost Art

I was afraid this might be a little risqué, but here goes… And rest assured, this was recorded on a weekday—and besides, it’s probably not what you think, folks.

But just have a listen as I explain The Lost Art… Show Notes

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