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On Walkabout

Bradford and I just got back from a good vacation down to Gulfport, Florida. Bradford’s boat is stored nearby, so he worked on the boat while I stayed at a place called Sea Breeze Manor Inn. It is adjoined by an outdoor café, where we ate a lot, looking out over the bay, usually with a good breeze. We only ate two meals (more…)

Season 2 Premiere! Up From Hanging Dog

In the Season 2 opener, Ray tells how life in the little Depression-era town of Hanging Dog (just a stone’s throw from Frog Level) made an indelible impression on him. Show Notes

What Happened to the Hidden Spring?

Several years ago, I wrote a little story which is published in my book, Depression Baby. The title of the story is “BlackBerry Winter and Cobbler Too.”

I mentioned my grandfather taking me to a spring, with water coming from the granite mountainside and flowing into a bowl about the size of your bathroom sink.

This 10-year-old boy was intrigued as granddad cleaned the leaves from the bowl, and we watched (more…)

Ep. 30 – Cataloochee

Our family will always have the knowledge that Frank Rogers brought his little family there to teach the children of Catalooch…

Don’t forget…right now you can get the COMPLETE audiobook of Depression Baby FREE… Just CLICK HERE. Show Notes

Ep. 25 – The County Home

“Yep, hard times and doing hard time were different in those days…” Show Notes

Ep. 6 – Hanging Dog

In this episode, Ray tells about the place he grew up…a place called Hanging Dog. Show Notes

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