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Ep. 41 – Thumbing

Most people don’t hitchhike these days…but we did it all the time when I was coming along… Show Notes

Ep. 36 – The Lost Art

I was afraid this might be a little risqué, but here goes… And rest assured, this was recorded on a weekday—and besides, it’s probably not what you think, folks.

But just have a listen as I explain The Lost Art… Show Notes

What Happened to the Hidden Spring?

Several years ago, I wrote a little story which is published in my book, Depression Baby. The title of the story is “BlackBerry Winter and Cobbler Too.”

I mentioned my grandfather taking me to a spring, with water coming from the granite mountainside and flowing into a bowl about the size of your bathroom sink.

This 10-year-old boy was intrigued as granddad cleaned the leaves from the bowl, and we watched (more…)

Ep. 21 – Our Cherished Archaic Dialect

People may look down on the Southern Mountain dialect, but some of the words spoken by mountain folk were right out of The Canterbury Tales and A Midsummer Night’s Dream… Show Notes

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