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The Free Spirit

Sarge came to us as a fuzzy little Australian Shepherd puppy that was classified as a blue merle. He was mostly black with white on his chest and feet and always had a happy demeanor. Sarge always made an impression on people and once people had met him, they would always ask “How’s Sarge?” or “Where’s Sarge?” (more…)

Where Have All the Toad-Frogs Gone? (And other Interesting Critters)

When I was a boy, we often played hide and seek at dusk when it was easier to hide. Often while I was hiding behind a bush or some other secluded place, I’d realize that I shared the space with a toad, who would hop away to avoid being stepped on.

In the western North Carolina mountains, these ugly little creatures were called toad-frogs, and if you handled them you were supposed to get warts. (more…)

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