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The Fighting Gamecock

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be writing about such a scenario, such a brazen attack on my person.


Ep. 28 – Granddad Rogers’ Apple House and Earl

During the long winter months when fresh fruit was scarce, biting into a crunchy Winesap apple was a welcome treat.

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Ep. 22 – You’re Chicken!

Whoever originated this derogatory term must have never seen two roosters going at it in the barnyard… Show Notes

Ep. 19 – Ole Horney and other Bovine Tales

Yes, Ole Horney was a real cow…and Ray was a real cowboy! Show Notes

The Last Ride

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A ten year old boy, who lived down the street from us, rang our doorbell. Lucy answered the bell, and the little boy asked if he could see our dog.

About that time, Sarge, our Australian Shepherd walked into view. The boy said, “Yes, you are the guilty one. Two of them look just like you!” The boy owned a golden retriever who had just had a litter of puppies.

Later we went down to see them and all the puppies were rolling and tumbling in play, except one. (more…)

A Boy And His Dog

A boy and his dog. A simple phrase that conjures Norman Rockwell paintings of The Good Old Days.

A boy throwing a stick and his dog fetching it. A boy teaching his dog to shake hands. A boy and his dog asleep huddled together on the back seat of a car on a long trip.

Bradford and I were taking a walk out in the county near Gainesville. By chance we met a farmer (more…)

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