Recently I have come to realize that I have not been sharing this site, this little room that the internet provides for us, as I should have.

Many of you have taken a peek into the culture of the mountains and also what life was like during the Great Depression by reading my book Depression Baby.

Some of you may have read the stories that my son Bradford helped me put on my blog site. These little stories about the early years of my amazing journey through time and space that we call life may have opened doors that you didn’t know were there.


These stories were originally written with my family in mind. I wanted this large extended family of mine to know their mountain heritage and their roots.

Some of my readers encouraged me to publish these real life stories. I probably would never have done so, but Bradford took the bull by the horns, became my editor, and caused Depression Baby to be published.

He has brought us access to the book through the internet, paperback, and hardcover. And now the audio version will soon be a reality.

This old mountaineer will sit with you and tell you his stories. I will make them come alive for you—not just words from a book.

In addition to what I hope will be your enjoyment of this version of Depression Baby, perhaps you will share this new audio version with your older relatives who may no longer do much reading. They may find pleasure traveling with me back to and earlier time, a simpler time that our memories help us to again enjoy.

I will keep you posted—and I hope you’ll keep in touch as well.

Thanks for the visit!


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