Lucy and I are leaving the Claiborne on Wednesday for the Rogers Reunion.

I decided for this almost 89-year-old guy that it would not be prudent to drive the 350 mile trip to Conyers in one day. We will drive to Birmingham and have dinner there with our friend Sheldon Webster.

Sheldon mentions me in one of his books, 2013: Memoirs of a Writer. He is an adventurist, mountain climber and author of five books who has visited 140 countries, as well as co-owning a prominent accounting firm.

The next leg of our journey will take us to our “Deck House” (six decks and a dock) in Conyers, Georgia. The next morning we’ll sip our coffee in the sun room we miss so much, while looking out at Lake Rockwell.

Then we take off to the reunion at the Pisgah View Ranch, located between Waynesville and Asheville, North Carolina. We will have a cabin with Bradford and take our meals at the dining room of the ranch house.


These folks will serve us wonderful food, country-style, at their long tables. There will be horses to ride and weekend square dancing. Do-si-do! On Saturday the Rogers clan will gather as cousins by the dozens renew friendships and catch up on family news.

Hey, it ain’t over yet for Lucy and Ray! We will just move over to the Waynesville Country Club Inn to join friends from Cashiers, North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

We’ll wind up our celebration sitting on a deck that overlooks the mountain stream called Richland Creek, having a brew made on site by the Frog Level Brewery.

Ain’t life grand? Another great annual Rogers Reunion!

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