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Free At Last!

Tuesday, May 4th, I celebrated(?) living at The Mansions Independent Living for two years. I have joked a lot about living in “The Birmingham Jail” when the pandemic had us locked down. The dining room was closed and meals were brought to our apartments instead.

When I came here in 2019, I sang in our chorus, and we put on programs for Christmas and other events. Most activities were shut down when face masks became the dress of the day, along with six-foot distancing. Family and friends had to meet us outside and stay apart, no hugs or touching.

The gym was limited to one person at a time, by appointment. The barber shop was closed, the post office and library limited to one occupant at a time.

We stayed in our apartments mostly, hence the reference to the old song…

Send me a letter,
send it by mail.
Send it in care of
the Birmingham Jail.

“Down in the Valley,” also known as “The Birmingham Jail,” by Jimmie Tarlton and Tom Darby

All of the COVID-19 precautions were successful and the virus did not spread among us. Thanks to The Mansions for keeping us safe! The dining room has reopened after we were all vaccinated, and we are gradually getting back to the new normal. Face masks are optional.

Last week, Tanya, Bradford and I had dinner at Sprig restaurant, the first restaurant dinner in over a year! The next day Bradford and I met my niece Sheri, along with her husband Dale and son Zach, at Mary Mac’s restaurant. (See photos above and below.) Sheri presented me with the beautifully written forward she’d produced for my upcoming book of poetry.

Our goal is to publish by October 16th, the date of the Rogers Reunion. This has not been confirmed, but we would like to have a book signing on the banks of Richland Creek behind the Frog Level Brewery.

Onward and upward!


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  1. Sharyn Hyatt-Wade

    June 20, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    So nice to see you and I am incredibly honored to write a little Forward for your book!
    These poems will take people to another time and place with a folksy cadence and tone!

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