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Father’s Day Visit To Atlanta

I left the Clayburn in Starkville, Mississippi and headed toward Atlanta to have a Father’s Day visit with Bradford. The mimosa trees were blooming in all their glory, peeking out from the edges of the forests in Sweet Home Alabama.

Filled up at Petro near Birmingham for $2.49, then watched the gasoline prices rise to over $3 in Hotlanta. Traffic in Metro Atlanta was even worse than I remembered.

Visited with my accountant in Roswell Monday and had lunch with former State Farm associates lasted over two hours, so we must’ve had a good time exchanging stories and telling lies.

Another lunch today also over two hours with an associate of 55 years.

Bradford took me to the 57th Fighter Group restaurant and we enjoyed old times watching the jets zooming in and out. Never saw so many upscale corporate jets. Business must be good!

Tanya and Bradford got the unwelcome news that Daisy, their sweet dog for over 15 years, has cancer. Ginger, Daisy’s sister is also showing signs of aging.


Daisy in 2013. She still runs, but she can barely stand up on the hardwood floors.

I too can identify with that.

Sad, but we have to except aging. Remembering the good times helps. We made good memories these past few days with people that are always close to my heart– Tanya and Bradford.

We will go to the colonnade restaurant this evening. Then, we’ll top off the visit with brunch Sunday, and I’ll be off to our little White House in Mississippi to join Lucy, who I left behind on this trip.

We will go together to the Rogers reunion at the Pisgah View Ranch in the North Carolina mountains next month.

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  1. Wish we could have visited with you. Don and I don’t get around much anymore. We’ve had some health issues for few years. Best wishes to you and Lucy. We had lots of fun didn’t we? Don & Patsy Mabry

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