Lucy and I left The Claiborne and went down Poor House Road to the Little White House and Bradford left Hotlanta for the same destination.

Cousin Brad Bradford towed in his high tech grill behind his pickup, with built-in thermometers, sprinkler system in case the fire gets too hot, etc. Cousin Austin Prisock built this sucker with his welding skills. Cousin Brad said that he helped, but I am not so sure about that. Lol.

Someone brought horseshoes and the celebration was accelerated with a few adult beverages. We had some of the best hamburgers and grilled chicken known to mankind. Derrick had used his secret recipe to marinate the chicken. Before long, 22 people were singing “Happy Birthday To Derrick” as he clowned a bit while cutting the birthday cake.

Everything was well except Derrick. He was a year older. 😛

Derrick Hamming It Up

Photo Credit: Jeannie Alexander Johnson