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Author of Depression Baby and more!

About The Author

Ray B. Rogers grew up in Western North Carolina, principally in Waynesville; attended Mars Hill College; and graduated from the University of NC at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Business Administration.

He lives in Decatur, Georgia, near his son Bradford Rogers, who is also an author.

For over 57 years, Ray owned a State Farm Insurance Agency and was National President of State Farm Agents Association.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RayBRogers


  1. Small world to run across you on the social network. Eunice and I are doing great, loving life, traveling as often as we can get away. Our daughter and her family live north of Dallas, in Frisco, TX. Mike, who State Farm wouldn’t accept as an agent, is now the managing partner of northern Texas, New York Life, #1 office in the company. I retired from State Farm in 2000, couldn’t take it any more. Don’t miss it one bit. Lots of fond memories, although. Loving life. Glad you are doing well.

    • Bryan, somehow I missed your message from back in Nov. Sorry, but my tech skills are lacking. Great to hear that your son is doing so well. SF missed out on a lot of talent through faulty politics. Glad that your retirement is working out well. I share your comment re fond memories. I am enjoying my writing. First book “Depression Baby” and now “Up From Hanging Dog” , which is already on Kindle and with the paper back coming out in two or three weeks. If you want to give me your e-mail I can notify you of events such as book signings My books are on Amazon. Plan to publish at least two more. Having fun with this. Keep in touch.

      • June Woodland

        May 8, 2019 at 12:02 pm

        Hi Ray

        My name is June Woodland and I’m from the UK but I believe that I have two photographs of the William Rogers Threshing Crew. They are both of a panoramic variety, and judging from the dress code – they are American rather than British. I have scanned them as best as I can so if you email me – I can send you a copy…..

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