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Month: November 2018

Ep. 34 – The Lazy Girl

Why would Eldridge Medford tolerate a Lazy Girl on the premises? Show Notes

Season 2 Premiere! Up From Hanging Dog

In the Season 2 opener, Ray tells how life in the little Depression-era town of Hanging Dog (just a stone’s throw from Frog Level) made an indelible impression on him. Show Notes

Over to Hotlanta Again

Bradford invited me up to Atlanta to jointly work on my next book. As most of you may know, Bradford is my editor-in-chief as well as my publisher.

When I left Starkville, I was still happy with the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the whupping they had put on Louisiana Tech the night before. I can still hear them cowbells ringing.

The sun was shining and I knew that I could outrun the front that was moving in. (more…)

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