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Ep. 21 – Our Cherished Archaic Dialect

People may look down on the Southern Mountain dialect, but some of the words spoken by mountain folk were right out of The Canterbury Tales and A Midsummer Night’s Dream… Show Notes

Ep. 20 – Monday Was Washday

Monday was washday… Show Notes

Ep. 19 – Ole Horney and other Bovine Tales

Yes, Ole Horney was a real cow…and Ray was a real cowboy! Show Notes

A Page From “The Family Bible”…

John Rogers was born in 1500 and educated at Cambridge University to become a rector with the church of England. He wanted to translate the Bible into English so that the common man could read the word of God.

The English royalty forbade this, so John moved to Germany and assumed the name of Thomas Matthew to escape Read More

Ep. 18 – Sourwood in the Smokies

Never will another kind of honey satisfy… Show Notes

Ep. 17 – Maggie’s Daughter and the Quilt of Many Colors

Who was Maggie’s Daughter? And why was each stitch an act of love? Show Notes

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