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Ep. 25 – The County Home

“Yep, hard times and doing hard time were different in those days…” Show Notes

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes…and Announcement

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes…and for everybody who’s subscribed, downloaded, and left nice reviews and ratings…! (more…)

Happy Birthday, Ray!

Thanks to Sheri, Tanya, Derrick, Jeannie, and Abigail for the birthday video wishes!

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Ep. 24 – Every Boy Needed One

Every boy needed one… Show Notes

Ep. 23 – Christmas (Circa 1930s)

Christmas was definitely different in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the 1930s… Show Notes

Ep. 22 – You’re Chicken!

Whoever originated this derogatory term must have never seen two roosters going at it in the barnyard… Show Notes

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