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Bonus – Lobo Loco: The Man Behind The Music

This Bonus Episode is an interview with the artist behind much of the music you hear on Depression Baby. (Be sure to see the Show Notes for more!) Show Notes

Ep. 15 – Copperheads and Mountain Medicine

Ray’s uncle gets bit by a copperhead…but thankfully nobody tries to take him to the hospital. Show Notes

Ep. 14 – The Hog Spoon

Sure…but have you ever eaten with a hog spoon? Show Notes

Ep. 13 – Sorghum ‘Lasses

Most folks don’t know the difference between Molasses and Sorghum Syrup…. Show Notes

Ep. 12 – Blackberry Winter and Cobbler Too

Ray tells about one of his favorite treats…and how his family managed to get it. Show Notes

Ep. 11 – Mark Twain and Mary Jane

Ray tells about the arrival of his baby brother and sister, Mark Twain Rogers and Mary Jane Rogers. Show Notes

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