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Month: April 2018

Things This Ole Heart Longs For

Woke up this morning at [5:30], and I knew that I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just got up and turned on the coffee pot. (That first cup is always the best).

I wish that I could just (more…)

Mother’s Mystery Man

Mother was only about 17, and he was maybe about 19 when they became girlfriend and boyfriend. This may have been her first real boyfriend. He probably grew up in the Iron Duff community where mother had always lived.

Maybe they came to know each other at the Davis Chapel Methodist Church where mother attended. Maybe they originally met in grammar school …we will never know.

He wanted to see more of the world than this little mountain farming community, so he joined the U.S. Navy to “see the world,” as was written on the Naval recruiting posters of that time. He began to widen his horizons as the Navy took him to many places, but he did not forget the pretty auburn haired girl that he left (more…)

The Day The Threshers Came

The wheat field had turned from the green of the growing season to a golden color as the wheat ripened.

Grandad Rogers retrieved the cradle from the barn where it had been stored since this time last year. This was not the cradle that was used to rock a baby to sleep. This cradle was used to cut the stalks of wheat and gather the wheat after each time the cradle was swung through the standing wheat. There was a blade almost 3 feet long with a (more…)

Up From The Grave He Arose!

It was at the Easter service at the Cullowhee Methodist Church that I heard the male quartet sing those words. Their voices and the words were astounding to this third grader who had never heard music sung like this before.

Our family had previously attended the little frame church named Davis Chapel in Iron Duff, N.C. This church had been built by (more…)

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