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Month: March 2018

Zell Miller Left Us With HOPE

Zell Miller was born on February 24th, 1932. the same day of the month that my dad was born, but a different year. They were similar in many ways. Both were lifelong conservative Democrats. Both were educators. Zell is the only man to have been the keynote speaker at both the Democrat and Republican Conventions.

Zell Miller died on March 23, 2018. He has left the (more…)

Who’s Coming Out Of The Closet?

Nobody’s perfect! Not even the guy who recorded and produced the audio version of my book, Depression Baby. Bradford Rogers left a whole sentence out of one story. Not having a studio at the Little White House, (more…)

Derrick’s Birthday Blast

Lucy and I left The Claiborne and went down Poor House Road to the Little White House and Bradford left Hotlanta for the same destination.

Cousin Brad Bradford towed in his high tech grill behind his pickup, with built-in thermometers, sprinkler system (more…)

Root Hog, Or Die

Where did this statement come from? Maybe a farmer, who had run out of food for his hog with no money to buy more hog food, turned his hog out into the fields and woods to forage for himself. The hog would find acorns in the woods to help satisfy his hunger and then he would have to root for more dinner.

By the way, you city folks who have not been around swine may not know that (more…)

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