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Month: July 2014

It Was All Winston’s Fault

The British high command decided that it was inevitable that the Germans would defeat the armies of Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands; and France fought a rearguard action to slow the German army as it flooded into their territory.

The British were ordered to evacuate from the port at Dunkirk. Every form of floating watercraft headed across the English Channel on May 28th, 1940 to rescue the trapped soldiers. As the Germans bombed, shelled and strafed the fleeing men, many boats went down. (more…)

Where Have All the Toad-Frogs Gone? (And other Interesting Critters)

When I was a boy, we often played hide and seek at dusk when it was easier to hide. Often while I was hiding behind a bush or some other secluded place, I’d realize that I shared the space with a toad, who would hop away to avoid being stepped on.

In the western North Carolina mountains, these ugly little creatures were called toad-frogs, and if you handled them you were supposed to get warts. (more…)

The Tobacco Beds

There are many kinds of beds: Hospital beds. Queen and King sized beds. Flower beds. But how many of you know about tobacco beds?

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Written Version and Show Notes

Readin’, Ritin’, and Rithmetic…and Aaron McDuff

Frank Lee Rogers and Willie Boone Medford Rogers, my father and mother, moved to the Tom Crawford house in the Aaron McDuff Community about 1935. Houses in the country had names in those times, not just sterile street numbers. Most houses were named for the first family to occupy the house, or for the individual who lived there for a long period of time. (more…)

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