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Reading My Poem “The Sirens’ Song”

Yesterday we had a poetry group meeting and I read a few poems. This one came out the best, as there wasn’t as much beeping of beepers, clinking of plates and silverware, and (more…)

Book Reading: “Poems”

I had a great time the other day reading from my latest book Poems.

Thanks so much to Stephanie for setting up the event, and thanks to everyone who (more…)

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Today, I’m thankful for a very productive year. And I just wanted to share with you one of the poems from my new book. (The picture above is from a recent reading and book signing event.)

I wrote this poem when I was 17 years old.

Many of the poems in the new book were written during the COVID pandemic, but (more…)

Happy Birthday To Me!

I am celebrating my 92nd birthday. I’ve waited a long while for this occasion, meanwhile leaving many friends and classmates behind.

Us old folks like to talk about our aches and pains. My pacemaker battery was (more…)

On Walkabout

Bradford and I just got back from a good vacation down to Gulfport, Florida. Bradford’s boat is stored nearby, so he worked on the boat while I stayed at a place called Sea Breeze Manor Inn. It is adjoined by an outdoor café, where we ate a lot, looking out over the bay, usually with a good breeze. We only ate two meals (more…)

Free At Last!

Tuesday, May 4th, I celebrated(?) living at The Mansions Independent Living for two years. I have joked a lot about living in “The Birmingham Jail” when the pandemic had us locked down. The dining room was closed and meals were brought to our apartments instead.

When I came here in 2019, I sang in our chorus, and we put on programs for Christmas and other events. Most activities were shut down when face masks became the dress of the day, along with six-foot distancing. Family and friends had to meet us outside and stay apart, no hugs or touching.

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