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Last Day To Get “Up From Hanging Dog” Free…!

Up From Hanging Dog is Here!

Just a note to let you know that Up From Hanging and Dog is now available on Kindle. And for just a couple of days, you can even grab a copy for free! (more…)

Summer Vacation Bible School

Well, I suppose I’m a Methodist born and a Methodist bred, since both my mother and my father were Methodist. Show Notes

Ep. 41 – Thumbing

Most people don’t hitchhike these days…but we did it all the time when I was coming along… Show Notes

Happy Birthday, Miss Sassy!

Lo and behold, on January 16, 1931, a child was born down in Winston County, Mississippi. She was named Lucy Bradford and she became the apple of her Daddy’s eye. Yes, a Daddy’s girl.

Lucy was born on what is now the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, which was not (more…)

Christmas Greetings from Ray

A special Christmas Hello and update from “The Little White House” in Winston County, Mississippi. Show Notes

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