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The Little Procedure at St. Mary’s

For years, Dr. Boxer was surprised that the cataract in my right eye had not matured enough to require removal. But here I am with nine decades behind me lying in this 6’ x 10’ little stall waiting for Dr. Demarco to do the cataract procedure.

Two nurses asked me “Why are you here?” I told the first one “I thought you knew.” Of course they were just verifying that we were all on the same page so that they didn’t do something drastic like cutting off the wrong leg.  (more…)

The Fighting Gamecock

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be writing about such a scenario, such a brazen attack on my person.


Aaron’s Escapades

When I enrolled in Waynesville Township Junior High as an eighth grader, I immediately had something in common with classmate Aaron Hyatt. A fellow classmate attempted to bully me and (more…)

Am I Next?

The year was 1985. The year that I turned 56…on August 16th, the day that Elvis Presley died. As the news came to me about my friends, I kept wondering…am I next? I was not obsessed or paranoid, but the thought came to me several times during that fateful year.

We lived in Jupiter. I won’t repeat the joke (more…)

Ep. 3 – Were They Angels?

Ray B. Rogers reveals a miracle—and mystery—from when his family lived on Dellwood Road during the Great Depression. Show Notes

Thank God For The Yellow Rock

Mountain Home. Has a nice ring to it.

Sounds like a good place to retire to someday, and it is. Living costs and housing in this little town nestled in the Ozarks are lower than most places.

Nearby Bull Shoals Dam holds back the White River to form a lake of (more…)

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